Corporate Ordering & 3PL Services

Trucking is a division of Q1, LLC, an established Orlando-based company.  Because of Q1’s unique relationship in bringing new devices to market for all Tier 1 Carriers, and most Tier 2 Carriers and MVNOs, we represent a unique opportunity for companies seeking forward logistics and reverse logistics services.

Q1 is a female/minority-owned business, thus allowing you to qualify for your diversity spend.


Reliable, secure end to end order logistics.


From the moment the order is placed to the moment it arrives.

Warranty / RMA

Cutting edge repair services and complete RMA process fulfillment.

White Label Site

Your marketing, your brand, our expertise.

For more information, contact Anthony Montore at (407) 857-3737 Ext. 229 or email him via the button below to discuss large scale PPE needs for your organization.


Anthony Montore, Director of PPE Sales